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This is a project I have done as an school project in collaboration with Lama lama. Lama Lama is a creative digital agency. They deliver digital changes for companies with a conscience and brands with a heart. They embrace a fluid approach, and use our expertise to create longevity and value for our clients. Together with them they hope to make the world a little better.

In this project I had to make a website for a company called Ink. Ink is an organisation who help children in Brazil to get them from the streets and educate them with the right tools and knowledge. The website is a landing page where visitors can see the progress Ink has made with helping children.

We are dedicated to providing these children with a second chance in life, ensuring they have access to education, shelter, nutrition, and an opportunity to pursue their dreams of becoming top football players.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, flowers play an essential role in ecosystems, attracting pollinators and supporting biodiversity. They bring life to gardens, parks, and landscapes, creating breathtaking displays of color.